Payment FAQ


Accepted Payment Methods
PlushieBliss currently accepts payments via credit/debit cards or PayPal. 


When Am I Charged?
Most of the time, you can expect to be charged right away. In some cases, for specialty products, we require a minimum number of items to be purchased from the listing in order for us to guarantee production. For instances such as this, you can expect a pending charge to show on your account, which will convert to an actual charge once the minimum has been met. If for some reason the minimum is not met, your order will be canceled and the pending charge will drop.

*Please note, as we continue to make the necessary changes in our rebranding process.  “PlushieBliss” transactions may still show in your account under “PlushieBliss”.  This will be updated over the next few months.


Pending Charges
If you pay with PayPal, a pending charge is a bit different. PayPal acts as sort of a “middle man.” This means that when you submit your payment, PayPal withdraws the funds from your bank account and holds onto them until we request the payment from them. Like a credit card transaction, this happens when your order is guaranteed to go to delivery.


Recurring Charges
PlushieBliss charges are not recurring like a subscription or membership. If you see a payment to PlushieBliss labeled as “Recurring” in your banking statement, please contact your bank to inquire as to why.